Choosing The Right Luxury Watch

  Luxury watches have been the status symbol of all aristocrats and royals, as well as celebrities, since ancient times. The luxury watch has been one of the most fashionable and sought-after items. Luxury watches come in several shapes, sizes,

What Is Your Best Formal Wear?

Business attire, formally known as formal wear, corporate office wear, office tenue, dress wear and casual wear, is a western dress code for clothes designed for business use by a business suit, which typically include a buttoned-down dress shirt, sometimes

The World’s Most Googled Fragrances

Perfume can be more than just a beauty product. One simple spritz is enough to evoke distant memories or remind us of particular places and people. And while finding a signature scent can seem a challenge with so many choices,

How to Wear Tweed This Winter

If there’s one fashion trend that’s become a staple of every woman’s wardrobe, it’s the humble tweed. Woven from wool into a coarse cloth in various different patterns, its roots are believed to lie in the practical outfits of peasants

What Is Quinoa

Quinoa, also known as “fava bean”, is a leafy perennial plant belonging to the cactaceae family of plants. It is an herbaceous perennial plant usually grown as a garden plant for its seeds, which are rich in nutritional protein, B

What Is Miso

What is miso? Miso, which is also known as Japanese soy sauce, is a popular Asian seasoning that is primarily made out of fermented soy beans and is considered among the world’s most common ingredient in Japanese cooking. Miso contains

What Is Catnip

What is catnip? To most cat lovers, catnip is a common household ingredient that brings an immediate sense of comfort. For some, however, catnip is a dangerous substance. Is catnip dangerous to your cat or is there a difference? The

What Is Anemia

When you hear the words, ‘What is anemia?’ you are likely to think of someone who needs a large injection of vitamin C intravenously, but this isn’t the only form of treatment for anemia that can help you get back

What Is A Duvet

Duvet covers are a type of bed covering that consists of a lightweight bag with down or a similar fabric filling, usually covered with a cover similar to a quilted pillow case and pillow top, and usually protected by a

What Is Smart TV

Almost every TV sold these days is a Smart TV, which can be great news for those who do not have cable; these TVs built in media streaming services mean that you can access tons of different TV channels, sports