Home Business More than half (56%) of Gen Z and Millennial shoppers won’t return unwanted international ecommerce purchases

More than half (56%) of Gen Z and Millennial shoppers won’t return unwanted international ecommerce purchases

New ESW Global Voices Survey indicates inconvenience, excessive cost, and sustainability as top concerns

by jcp

07 March 2022. Dublin— As post-Christmas returns skyrocketed in January and February, due to the explosion in ecommerce sales globally, Gen Z and Millennial consumers are now the most likely demographics to choose not to return unwanted items, the latest data from ESW, the global DTC ecommerce leader, reveals.

ESW’s ‘Global Voices: 2022 survey of more than 14,000 consumers across fourteen countries shows that while Gen Z and Millennial shoppers combined comprise 60% of cross-border shoppers globally, 56% admitted they had made purchases from internationally based retailers that they ultimately didn’t want but chose not to return, saying the process was inconvenient (35%), expensive (34%), and bad for the environment (20%). Additional reasons cited for not returning items included insignificant item cost (28%), an unclear returns policy (26%) and a lack of local collection points (21%).

Geographically, the markets where consumers overall were most likely to avoid returns were China (67%), India (64%) and UAE (64%), with women being 13% less likely to return unwanted items than men.

Patrick Bousquet-Chavanne, ESW’s President and CEO, Americas, said, “Eliminating the friction Gen Z and Millennials associate with returns will be a big win for all direct-to-consumer brands, as these young adults will continue to drive the growth in ecommerce in all markets.”

“Our research has shown that more than 30% of Gen Z and 37% of Millennial shoppers have made 11+ cross border purchases in the past year alone. Taking away the ‘work’ associated with returns will help attract more Gen Z and Millennial shoppers. Free returns, scheduled pick-ups, and easy-to-access collection points will help mitigate burdensome returns requirements.”

He added, “Brands that transparently communicate their sustainable shipping options for both deliveries and returns will likely create a more loyal customer base across all generations.”

ESW’s seamless return experience allows consumers to receive a full refund within 24 hours of the return being received. Additionally, ESW offers support for several return options, including pre-paid, drop-anywhere, or pick-up returns. ESW takes away many of the pain points consumers have when it comes to international returns, with returns centres on six continents as well as 68 returns shipping centers.


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