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The UK’s Leading Bespoke Meal Delivery Service 

by gbaf mag

Fresh Fitness Food is the UK’s leading, premium provider of bespoke nutrition plans for  busy professionals, fitness enthusiasts and athletes. Born out of a passion for fresh,  healthy food, in pursuit of perfect nutrition, powered by science and driven by the goal to  deliver convenience. Fresh Fitness Food creates highly tailored meal plans that gives  every client the precision, structure, and consistency their bodies need in order for them  to achieve their health and fitness goals.  

Fresh Fitness Food uses a first of its kind nutrition algorithm in collaboration with a  team of qualified nutritionists to calculate an individual’s kcal and macro  requirements to ensure that each and every meal is tailored to the customers unique  nutritional preferences and goal in mind.  

Meals are prepared by qualified chefs from a menu that has been designed by a  Michelin star trained menu consultant, which provides the user with two to six  nutritious meals a day, using the finest locally sourced ingredients, with the addition  of sweet and savoury snacks, fresh juices or delicious shakes. Priding themselves  on variety, with FFF there are no fixed menus, each plan has a diverse selection of  ingredients on offer, with a 3-week menu rotation to ensure no two days are the  same. Meals are then delivered between midnight and 6am to a place of  safekeeping at home or work, so that their cool bag is ready and waiting to fuel their  day ahead.  

All packaging is biodegradable, recyclable and fully sustainable and made up of 90%  bagasse biodegradable material, lined with a plastic film that keeps the food fresh. 

With the average Brit spending 61 minutes a day prepping and cooking food, Fresh  Fitness Food provides the solution; a hassle-free service that offers complete  convenience and gives customers back precious hours every week to invest in  themselves. Preparing all of their meals, snacks and juices/shakes for the day ahead and  delivering directly to their home or work, eliminating the need to plan, shop, cook, clean or  count calories. 


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