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Plan B Rumblings Boost UK Mask Clip Sales

by jcp
  • MistyClip Reports 100% sales increase as people prepare for Winter mask-wearing
  • UK Budget needs to Include Funds for Upscaling PPE for Frontline Staff

October 2021 – Following the NHS Confederation’s call for Government to re-introduce mandatory mask-wearing to combat rising covid cases, MistyClip, the eco-friendly mask clip gadget start-up, has experienced new spikes in demand and a doubling in daily sales.

“It looks like our customers along with other members of the general public are heeding health professional warnings and don’t have complete confidence in the UK Government’s current reliance on the vaccine programme alone. With the budget coming up, we’d expect Government to make provisions available for potentially upscaling mask wearing and to meet PPE needs for all frontline staff,” said Alex Wickens, Founder of Mistyclip.

MistyClip was founded during the pandemic to help glasses wearers by providing a snug fitting clip that attaches to the top of most face masks and prevents glasses from steaming up. The start-up is expected to reach a quarter of a million orders by the end of this year and plans have been put in place so that the firm can easily upscale production of the biodegradable gadgets made from food waste such as corn starch over the Winter months. Around 30 percent of the UK’s adult population wears glasses and MistyClip hopes to make all their lives easier in the event of a return to mandatory mask-wearing. There are still places such as GP surgeries and hospitals where mask wearing is required and as such there has been a demand for MistyClips throughout the pandemic. A percentage of sales is donated to charities that help homeless and vulnerable people.

Wickens added, “Statistics show that wearing masks reduces the chances of spreading Covid and flu so it’s not surprising that people want to protect themselves and others by wearing masks. In other countries where mask wearing is still required like Dubai, less cases of covid are reported. It seems a bit of a no-brainer to wear a mask in crowded or confined places.”

The Sussex start-up has joined forces with Wonderpac Eco fulfillment house to deliver on surges in demand of the 3D printed gadgets for masks. For more information go to www.mistyclip.co.uk


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