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Leverage Shares lists 10 ETPs on Pan-European MTF Aquis Exchange, as demand for ‘out of favour’ big tech soars

by jcp

London, UK – 22nd February 2022 – Leverage Shares, a pioneer in the market of single-stock trackers, short and leveraged Exchange Traded Products (ETPs), has listed ten of its 3x short and leveraged ETPs on Aquis Exchange, part of Aquis Exchange PLC, Europe’s 7th largest equities exchange by value traded.

Among the listings is Leverage Shares 3x Tesla ETP, the second most traded ETP on the London Stock Exchange (LSE) in December 2021, and the more recently launched Leverage Shares 3x short and long ARKK Innovation ETPs.

Other popular ETPs being listed include 3x leveraged ETPs of Microsoft (MSF3), Alphabet (GOO3), Paypal (PYP3), Meta (3FB) and Netflix (NFL3) as investor interest has recently been targeted towards leveraged versions of stocks hit hard during earnings season and by the big tech correction.

The full listings on Aquis Exchange are as follows:

Name ISIN Ticker $ Ticker £ Ticker €
Leverage Shares 3x Long ARKK Innovation ETP XS2399368658 ARK3 3ARK 3ARE
Leverage Shares -3x Short ARKK Innovation ETP XS2399368906 SARK ARKS SAKE
Leverage Shares 3x Long Tesla ETP XS2297549128 TSL3 3TSL 3TSE
Leverage Shares 3x Long NVIDIA ETP IE00BK5BZR99 NVD3 3NVD 3NVE
Leverage Shares 3x Long Microsoft ETP IE00BK5BZV36 MSF3 3MSF 3MSE
Leverage Shares 3x Long Facebook ETP IE00BK5C1B80 FB3 3FB 3FBE
Leverage Shares 3x Long Apple ETP IE00BK5BZS07 AAP3 3AAP 3APE
Leverage Shares 3x Long Amazon ETP IE00BK5BZQ82 AMZ3 3AMZ 3AME
Leverage Shares 3x Long Alphabet ETP IE00BK5BZX59 GOO3 3GOO 3GOE
Leverage Shares 3x Long Alibaba ETP XS2337090851 BAB3 3BAB 3BBE


In December 2021, Leverage Shares listed 42 ETPs in one day – the largest ever listed on the LSE in a single day.

Oktay Kavrak, product strategist at Leverage Shares, says: “It’s great to be partnering with Aquis on these listings at a time where some big tech valuations are going through a period of market correction. Investors are wanting to make high conviction bets as to the direction of share prices from here on in – sometimes against general market sentiment. Opportunities abound in this environment and leveraged shares offer the perfect vehicle to exploit these contrasting views.”

David Stevens, Chief Revenue Officer of Aquis Exchange PLC, added:

“At Aquis Exchange we are always looking for ways to enhance our offering and services to clients. Partnering with Leverage Shares to make these ETPs available on our platforms is yet another example of this.”

Leverage Shares other ETPs mimic the daily return of an underlying stock multiplied by a leverage factor of +5x, +3x, +2x, -1x, -2x and -3x. They provide leveraged exposure to globally popular names including Tesla, Berkshire Hathaway, Amazon, Alibaba, Microsoft and Netflix, as well as FTSE100 equities, such as Vodafone.

The ETPs are also listed on the London Stock Exchange, Euronext Paris and Euronext Amsterdam. Investors can trade a stock in their own time zone and currency (USD, EUR and GBx) without paying high FX fees, even if the company is listed elsewhere.


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