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Is Money Really the Only Factor That Counts When It Comes to Happiness?

by gbaf mag

If you think that the word “money” is just a synonym for wealth then you have been severely misinformed. We have all heard the adage “money can’t buy happiness.” Now, there’s some truth to that but it is very different from saying, “the more money you have, the happier you are.”

Happiness is much harder to find in abundance than it is in abundance of money. So when you hear someone say, “I have so much more money than I thought,” it may just be because they have too much money.

Do you find yourself feeling poor and miserable? Have you tried and failed at the whole “buy your own happiness” thing? Are you constantly in search of new ways to make more money? Are you constantly searching the internet for ways to make more money? If so, you have probably come across the phrase, “Money can’t buy happiness.”

Think about it. Is money really the only factor that determines whether or not you feel happy? Does money even matter if you’re content with what you’re doing? Can money change the way you feel about yourself, about life, about the world, about anything?

To think that money is everything and happiness is nothing is not only illogical but it’s also completely opposite to reality. What would happen if we all lost weight? What if everyone said, “I feel like a million bucks.” What if we all took time away from our day to go on an expensive vacation?

It doesn’t matter how much or how little you make. The only person who will ever have a true understanding of your life is you. If you think that money can help you achieve your goals, then you’re just another one of those people who have an empty bank account. Your “money” will never help you reach your goals unless you use it in the right way.

Money can’t buy happiness or fulfillment unless it is used in the right way. You need to spend it in the proper manner to get things you want rather than spending it as if it were a “free” gift.

Money can’t buy happiness because money comes with strings attached. You will never be able to get to achieve your goals without putting in the effort necessary. The money itself is a gift that you don’t get to keep.


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