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How To Make Sure Your Secret Santa Gift Doesn’t End Up In The Bin

by wrich
  • JD Sports and Nike have become the latest retailers to sign up to the Gift Finder on DrawNames joining Amazon, ASOS, Look Fantastic and more
  • The Gift Finder is the perfect way to buy a Secret Santa present that won’t be binned
  • 32% of people plan to spend more on Christmas this year
  • People plan to spend 13% more on presents this year. Increasing from 423 pound in 2020 to 478 pounds this year

DrawNames.co.ukthe Secret Santa name generator is bringing an end to useless secret santa gifts that often just end up in the bin. Using DrawNames’ Secret Santa auto gift finder, you can find the perfect present in the right price group for any family member, friend or colleague. You can now choose presents from JD Sports and Nike who join retailers Amazon, ASOS, Look Fantastic and more, for people to add to their wishlist. According to a recent survey from DrawNames, 33% of people surveyed said that they find it useful when someone has a wish list, ensuring that the Secret Santa gift is one that will be really wanted this year.

Over a third of people surveyed (32%) said that they planned to spend more on Christmas this year, than in 2020. With last year not being a ‘typical’ Christmas, it’s no surprise that 28% said it was because they wanted to make it extra special this year. Businesses have shown they are grateful to their employees, as 20% of people said they will spend more as they had a pay rise this year. The average amount that people plan to spend this year has increased by £55 (13%) from 423 pounds last year to 478 pounds this year.

A Secret Santa exchange is often considered an office tradition but is becoming more popular, with 25% of people saying they will host one with their friends and 18% with family members. A Secret Santa is a tradition where you are given a name secretly, and then have to buy that person a gift anonymously, once a budget has been set. 58% say that they still pull a name out of a bowl or hat to pick their Secret Santa! This can be difficult if friends and family aren’t local. DrawNames is an exciting and 100% touchless, virtual and free Secret Santa gift exchange app. It brings families together from across the globe. Over 7 million people have drawn names this year, perfect for wherever you end up celebrating.


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