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Future-proof your immune health

by wrich


21 July 2021

July 2021 – As lockdown rules are eased and learning to live with the coronavirus seems the new reality, a healthy immune system is now more than ever our first line of defence.

Will Fugard, the mastermind behind Gusto’s innovative immune support drink Gusto Super DC, has taken an idea born at the height of the 2020 pandemic and delivered it to a UK and International audience. Recent statistics show a surge in awareness around the importance of a healthy immune system, with health and wellbeing sitting at the forefront of consumers’ buying decisions.

Created in conjunction with nutritionists and natural therapists, Super DC delivers a super dose of vitamin C (2500% RI*), and vitamin D (200%RI*) known to strengthen T-cells that attack viruses and support immune cell function. The drink also includes Black Elderberry, which plays a critical role in blocking viruses from getting into cells; vitamin K an anti-coagulant also known to strengthen the immune system and vitamin A, a potent anti-inflammatory. Super DC also contains zinc, known for its anti-viral properties, also essential for immune cell function which contributes to overall protection

Both Super DC drinks contain no artificial sweeteners or preservatives, are vegan, low in calories and made from a powerful blend of complex flavours which include Elderberry, Acerola Cherry and White Mulberry, all heavy on anthocyanins that fight free radicals, making it a unique proposition as we emerge from a pandemic and with so much reliance on immune health.

Resident Nutritional Therapist Jen Mackinder commented “The Gusto team have created a unique drink based on research that combine the alchemy of flavours to create a unique immune support drink that provides essential vitamins in effective doses”.

“The benefits of including high levels of vitamin C extinguishes oxidants and neutralises free radicals. We also major on vitamin D, as a nation, over a 1/3 of us are deficient in this key immune system supporting vitamin.
All of the ingredients within Super DC work synergistically to optimise effect and are conveniently available in recyclable grab and go cans for everyday support”.

At Gusto we like to blend function and flavour – Super DC presented the opportunity to create a highly innovate wellbeing drink that is as delicious as it is effective, lightly sparkling and packed with fruit, Super DC manages to be both great tasting and great for your immune system”.
Will Fugard CEO / Founder Gusto Organic Ltd

Available at selected Sainsbury’s stores, Ocado, Holland & Barrett and other natural retailers. RRP £1.99


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