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Exclusive Household Staffing Company Unveils International Growth Plans and Rebranding 

by gbaf mag

·      Signature Staff is the new brand name for Occasional & Permanent Staff, one of the UK’s oldest international staffing companies

·      Management have announced an ambitious new strategic direction, building upon 60 years of heritage within the industry, to spearhead global growth

·      New investment has been made in the company rebranding, senior management hires and also digital technology applications

·      Signature Staff will continue to supply exclusive household staff to captains of industry, royal families, heads of state and sporting stars, amongst others

 A 60-year-old international company providing exclusive household staff to some of the most prominent households in the world has today announced that it is rebranding. The resulting new company, Signature Staff, is the combination of three market-leading businesses in the high-end household staffing industry that were previously under the Occasional & Permanent Staff umbrella. These changes reflect the brand’s expanding global offering and longer-term growth ambitions.

Signature Staff is innovating within the high-end household staffing market with its combination of personal services and technology-driven vetting and matching processes. The company handpicks maternity nurses, nannies, house managers, butlers, housekeepers, chefs, chauffeurs for households belonging to royalty, captains of industry and heads of state, amongst others.

The 60-year-old business, which is one of the oldest of its kind, was previously run by Angela Hovey, who prior to creating what is now known as Signature Staff, enjoyed a highly distinguished career as a Norland nanny. Having set the standards for the company and led it to where it is today, the company is under new leadership, led by its Chairman, serial entrepreneur James Pawle, who is overseeing an ambitious international expansion plan.

“I have watched this business grow before my very eyes,” commented Angela Hovey. “My own expertise as a nanny and experience of being a mother myself, permitted me to use my instincts to hand-pick only the most suitable candidates for our private household clients. As we have continued to grow and expand, placing staff across the globe, we have staffed the homes of some of the world’s most prestigious households. The rebrand and associated investment represents an ambitious new direction for the 60-year-old business and the new team led by James Pawle and Tonya Illing will take our heritage and continue to grow this fine brand.”

James Pawle, the new Chairman of Signature Staff, comes from a background in finance and has now set his sights on growing businesses on a wider scale. Bringing a wealth of expertise to his new role at Signature Staff, Pawle welcomes the challenge of expanding on its already illustrious heritage and opening the business up to new horizons.

James Pawle commented, “It is a very interesting time for the luxury goods and services sector as a whole; a somewhat cataclysmic period, in a sense. But with this comes opportunity, and we at Signature Staff, see the chance for large-scale growth as more high-net-worth families seek a personalised assistance in an increasingly digital era. Furthermore, with many families spending more time at home, and many children’s immediate school futures still uncertain, it can be a key time for our expert, handpicked nannies and governesses to become part of a new family and help to build the perfect household, to the highest standards.”


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