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Why Luxury Branding Is Valuable And How They Can Benefit From These Two Important Factors

by gbaf mag

Since ages, luxury fashion brands have been synonymous with status and opulence. Throughout human history, research has repeatedly concentrated on affluent peoples and especially women. To point out, luxury fashion is no more conventional. In fact, it is no longer restricted to fashion shows and runway styles. Today, virtual intelligence brings back consumers back to their favourite brand and that desired personalization.

Virtual assistant (VA) platforms have revolutionized the luxury industry by bringing consumers closer to their preferred luxury brands, providing them with access to the full range of their products and services round the clock through online shopping. Consumers can now indulge in personalized service from head office to heart beat by just clicking away in a virtual environment. Moreover, consumers are also provided with a chance to know more about the brands they are interested in and get a chance to buy the product before others do. This makes online shopping a preferred option for most of the high-end consumers.

Ralph Lauren is one of the most successful luxury fashion brands today. It rose to international fame in the 80s due to its iconic label, ‘The House of Versace’. The house offers its consumers an authentic experience by using only the best quality materials and employs stylists with extensive training. Celebrities like Brad Pitt, Eva Longoria and Silvia Rencioni are its current and former clients and still keep a close association with the company. Even if the company is globally recognised, its core values remain the same as it started many years ago.

Ralph Lauren is today one of the world’s best known brands and its market value is $12 billion. This is made possible by its exclusive contract with the world’s top manufacturers like Gucci, Dolce & Gabbana, Carrier and D&G. These contracts ensure a consistent supply of best quality products and service to the consumers, making the brand value soars.

Armani is another of the luxury brands on the block that has established its reputation as the leading Italian designer of contemporary fashion. It was founded by the legendary designer Giorgio Armani in 1985 and has gone through several revivals since then. Armani focuses on luxury trends with innovative designs and styles, merging them with traditional elements and embellishments. Its current collections are impressive, both inside and out.

Cipollino is the top selling watch brand in Italy and is also widely considered as the world’s most expensive watch. Its designs are inspired by the rich history and culture of the place. Its luxury brands have won several awards, making it even more popular among fashion enthusiasts. Patek Philippe is another luxury brands that has grown tremendously from being a local brand in 19th century France. It moved its manufacturing operations to Switzerland where it operates in almost all the corners of the world.

Burberry is world famous for its classic handbags and its evergreen line of clothing. Although, the Burberry brand enjoys success today despite the recent global economic crisis, thanks to its two points: a strong customer base and excellent marketing strategy. Both the consumers and the corporate clients know Burberry and they keep coming back to get their handbags and other accessories. The Burberry name is synonymous to excellence and reliability. Given the high standards set by these two points of view, it is very likely that Burberry will be able to sustain its position in the market even during the times when other luxury brands experience a downfall. This is a great advantage for Burberry, enabling it to resist any external threats and emerge stronger than ever.

The best luxury brands understand that consumer behaviour is different from previous decades and this enables them to adapt their marketing strategies accordingly. Luxury brands must remember that consumers are much more informal and flexible compared to previous generations. This means that there is a greater chance for them to reach out to a broader range of consumers. If luxury brands wish to stay relevant in the luxury market and have their brands understood by consumers, they should pay special attention to these two factors.

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