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Which of the Top Luxury Car Brands Are Most Popular Among Drivers?

by gbaf mag

PORSCHE. How on earth to create a ranking of the best luxury brands without also including the most popular. The German luxury car maker provides a whole range of sporty, chic cars to its customers. However, they do have competition from a number of other car makers, and their luxury cars often rank high for other important factors such as fuel efficiency.

BMW is one of the luxury brands that has grown in popularity over recent years. Many younger people who purchase sporty, luxury cars want to show them off to their friends, and BMW makes a stylish, competent vehicle. They’re big, spacious and roomy, and provide excellent handling. Their range of cars also includes some smaller and cheaper vehicles. Their current range of seven series vehicles offer a classy, elegant image, and are a fine example of German engineering.

Rolls Royce. This luxury car brands built its reputation on its use of superior materials, and its use of design and engineering. Rolls Royce is probably best known for its vehicles, which tend to be larger than other luxury car brands’ offerings. However, its small range of suv’s and vans is good value for money and can be highly practical.

Dacia is another luxury car brands, which is growing in popularity in the United States. Many of its cars are seen as high quality alternatives to BMW, Mercedes and VW (Volkswagen e.V.). However, as is always the case with Chinese automobile manufacturers, there are some rust and reliability issues with some of their vehicles. Recently, however, they have made great strides in terms of design and are also expanding their range of trucks. Like Rolls Royce, many of their vehicles are seen as better alternatives to Toyota and Lexus.

Jaguar. It has been more than a decade since Jaguar introduced its entry-level models. Despite this long absence, the company is still able to maintain a strong presence in the UK market. Much like Rolls Royce and Cars, Jaguar is a relatively new player in the luxury cars’ marketplace. Though its sales have been inconsistent over recent years, its presence in the UK market is growing.

BMW. This German marque established its own place in the world of luxury cars by creating its first range rover, and it continues to be a popular option. A favorite among younger consumers, it offers a sedate and refined image. As well as being the largest maker of petrol and diesel-powered cars, BMW is also building cars for the hybrid and ‘soft’ hybrid markets. Though smaller than Mercedes, the range for BMW’s smaller range drivers is fairly limited compared to its rivals.

Toyota. Japan’s biggest automaker has been churning out some of the best luxury cars in the planet since 1955. The company continues to improve its products to keep up with the pace of global competition. Toyota is also in the luxury brand market, but it does not come close to producing vehicles as a Mercedes or a Porsche.

However, these are just some of the brands that comprise the top luxury car brands in the UK. There are many others which are considered to be equally good and at least competitively priced. In fact, there is a new trend emerging – shoppers are flocking to used vehicle markets to purchase cars at a fraction of their new cost. If you are looking for one of these cars, it may be best to shop online, where there are a greater selection and better pricing on the same luxury brands.

Lexus. After ranking third in the compact segment last year, the Japanese car brand is back in the limelight this year with the introduction of the RC series. Like the S-series, the new RC is aimed at younger consumers and provides excellent value for money. A favorite among young ladies, the all-wheel Lexus flagship is here to remain. Though the redesigned LFA sports car is a more modern take on the aging Toyota luxury car vehicles, the old-school Lexus still rocks the top spot in our ranking.

Toyota. The Japanese automaker has been around long enough to establish its place in the hearts of car lovers. While the older model of Toyohas still make for fine, luxury cars, the newer models have moved away from providing pure family sedans. However, if you want to drive one of the brand’s latest models, the all-wheel drive versions of the Prius, Camry, and Lexus are here to suit your needs.

Land Rover. Even though we love a bit of overlap in the models of these four luxury counterparts, Land Rover still rules the roost when it comes to sheer resale value. If you’re planning a major overhaul of your garage, you should seriously consider purchasing one of these British brands’ Range Rover models.

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