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What To Expect At A Luxury Retreat

by gbaf mag

In the Caribbean, luxury retreats abound. Most are located in the lush, private islands that are off the coast of South America. In the last few years, luxury retreats have become a popular choice for tourists who want to experience a tropical destination with all the luxuries and amenities of a five star resort. These luxury retreats usually take customers on week-long vacation packages that include lodging, transportation, tours, spa treatments and access to the best clubs and restaurants.

Necker Island off the coast of Brazil is one of the premier destinations for luxury retreats. Spend your dream getaway in Cannes, France at this exclusive, luxury villa with amazing ocean views and spectacular amenities. The Villa La Magnifique, built in 1871, features exquisite architectural details, including ornate, gabled columns and handcrafted fireplaces. The villa has been fully modernized, including a state of the art pool and spa facilities, tennis and other amenities.

St. Lucia boasts some of the most secluded luxury retreats in the Caribbean. Guests have access to an underwater aquarium, a rainforest-covered swimming pool, hiking trails, and the famous Pitons River. The beach is perfect for relaxing in the sun, especially during the late parts of the year when the sand is still soft from the many hurricanes that hit St. Lucia over the years. There is plenty of shopping and dining opportunities as well, with the island’s many specialty stores and boutiques having a full selection of fine items, from handbags and jewelry to electronics and furniture. Guests typically spend a couple of nights at the villa before moving into their next vacation spot, which often includes another stay at the villa or another destination.

Most luxury retreats follow a similar pattern: They start with a formal welcome party, then break into the “ressure” phase, where the focus is on activities and games. In the evenings, the guests can choose to dine at one of the villas’ restaurants or clubs, take a leisurely stroll through the grounds, or soak in the many spas. A typical evening might include cocktails and appetizers, then dinner at one of the villa’s restaurants or diners. Some luxury retreats also offer music, light show, and dancing.

While the cuisine at luxury retreats varies by location, the top spots for quality cuisine tend to be those in Jamaica, the Dominican Republic, and the Cayman Islands. At most, a four-course meal is offered per evening, and guests are encouraged to bring a bottle of their choice beverage. Meals may include organic Caribbean cuisine, meat dishes, seafood, and poultry dishes. An open bar is common at luxury retreats, so guests are never under the impression that they are drinking alcoholic beverages.

As far as recreational activities are concerned, some Caribbean resorts offer several pools, hot tubs, and other water-based options. Others have private beaches with swimming pools. The number and quality of these amenities will vary depending on the property and villa owners’ preference. At some private properties, owners may choose to rent out the swimming pool for weddings or other special events. If there is a private beach, it is best to confirm with the property owner before deciding to rent out the swimming pool, since this often involves a nightly fee.

At luxury retreats, activities may also include sports and games, as well as fitness and weight loss programs. The chef at a property will usually lead a sports program, and guests are encouraged to bring their own fitness equipment. Swimming is popular at Caribbean vacation villas, and members are encouraged to take advantage of heated pools and spas. However, if health or safety issues arise, it is best to contact the concierge.

Most luxury retreats require weekly or even daily upkeep. When contacting the concierge about this requirement, it is important to discuss what to expect from the owner. Owners may want to include certain dishes, for example, in the menu. Other options may include personalized fitness programs and massages. In some cases, guests may be asked to clean the villa or perform other chores.


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