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What is OPS In Baseball

by gbaf mag

What is OPS in baseball? That is an offensive statistic that is not necessarily calculated by batting average. On-base plus slugging (OPS) is a sabermetric offensive statistic calculated as the average number of runs a batter scores with each at-bat and each plate appearance. An OPS of 1.900 or greater in Major League baseball puts a player within the top echelon of all hitters. So, how does it help us in our baseball handicapping?

The formula for the OPS formula is very simple. In order to calculate an individual’s offensive performance based on his numbers, a player must first know his opponent’s offensive numbers as well. He must then calculate the average number of runs that will be scored by his opponent with that batter, based on his own statistics. This number is then compared to the player’s own statistics to see if he falls into the statistical bracket of an offensive superstar. That is where the term, “OPS”, comes in.

The average number of runs is simply the difference between the player’s own statistics and the opponents’ statistics. If the average number of runs is more than the number of hits and home runs, the player falls into the category of being an offensive superstar. So, the statistic is used to determine the quality of players in the league. It is also used as a basis in setting team lineups.

The statistic is also used to determine if the player is worth playing against in terms of defensive statistics. The player’s performance is evaluated by the average number of runs he scores and his offensive statistics.

What about the plays that he makes? Some of these plays may look impressive when they are happening on the field, but the fact is, the stats do not reflect this. so, what is the use of a statistic that says he made a good play? The stat is also not relevant in determining whether he should be starting or benched.

So, a statistic is not necessarily wrong or right, but it can be of a great way of assessing a player in terms of his worth as a player. Whether you call him a stud, or a dud, the numbers say that the stats say he is worth the investment.

Another thing to note is that the stats are not just about the numbers. They can be used to determine the value of a person and whether or not he is worth playing in a league. You may be the greatest hitting machine in the game, but if your stats are not up to par, you are still worthy of playing.

So, keep those stats in mind and understand that they do not always tell the whole story about a player’s value in a league. But if you keep a little perspective, you will know why you need to pay attention to them in your stats.


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