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Top Luxury Fashion Brands for High-End Consumers

by gbaf mag

Luxury fashion brands have been very popular, especially in the United States. Many people feel that they are high-end and not available to everyone. They are expensive to buy because of the materials and high-end styles of the products. Some people do not even think that luxury fashion brands exist in America. However, there are actually a lot of great luxury fashion brands that you can get if you just take the time to look.

Coach. Coach is a high luxury fashion brand that was founded in Paris, France a few decades ago. Their signature style is the “C” pattern with the tag line “Life’s a ballet.” The interlocking “C” and “L” are also some of the most recognizable monograms on earth. As you would expect, the logo features a leotard with straps around the top and has a single word in French, which means “Fashion.”

Chanel. Chanel is one of the top luxury fashion brands in America, and their logo is an elegant swirl of color that wrap around the main part of the logo. It is composed of two ovals and has a tag line in French, which means “isine de Chanel” that means “cuisine of chanel.”

Gucci. Although it is owned by the Chanel Group, Gucci is actually a fashion brand for young women. Their logo features a single strip of red that makes up the “G” in Gucci, and the monogram is a small, low-set typeface.

Louis Vuitton. The first thing that comes to mind about any of these luxury brands is how expensive they are. In fact, Louis Vuitton handbags and other items can run into several hundred dollars. However, when it comes to fashion accessories like shoes and jewellery, there are many sources at the end of this article that you can find designer inspired handbags and accessories from Louis Vuitton, and you may even get them at prices that are less expensive than you can find at their retail store locations.

Burberry. Although they don’t fall into the top 15 brands of the total search interest for women’s fashion accessories, Burberry does have a number of online options. Their official website has a great selection of products, as well as a section that allow you to search for specific items.

Dior. This brand name often makes it to the top 15 brands of the total search interest for women’s fashion accessories. Their website offers an extensive range of products, including accessories for the bedroom. If you do a search for “Dior handbags” on their site, you will see both a brief history of the brand, as well as an up-to-date inventory of available products. If you prefer to buy your items online, you will find many options for payment and shipping among the many online merchants who carry Dior products.

Louis Vuitton. Known for their classic designs, and their exclusivity, nothing represents the true essence of the French luxury fashion house founded by Giorgio Armani more than their signature logo. A replica of the original logo, which was designed by the famous advertising designer, Louis Sullivan, can be found at many online merchants under the same name. Replicas are not authentic; however, some people may prefer to use them because they are easier to fit on, or simply because they feel like wearing the logo on another, different garment.

Yves Saint Laurent. Less known than its larger and more well-known competitors, this designer has emerged as a fashion icon in recent years, due largely to the commercial success of its spring/summer collections, including its bestselling “Seasons” collections. Known for its edgy styles, animal prints, and colorful casual wear, this designer brand appeals to a younger consumer base more easily than its upscale competitors.

Monogram. The monogram is a four-syllabic letter that represents the stylistic and functional signature of any given fashion brand, such as: Dior, Louis Vuitton, Burberry, or D&G. The monogram is also used to identify accessories to an individual piece of clothing, distinguishing either the garment in question (the letter) or the wearer (the four-syllabic).

High-end Brand. The luxury shoppers who appreciate high-end fashion brands tend to be older, more affluent consumers who are not necessarily members of the top social ladder. Some of the most notable luxury brands for high-end shoppers include Balmain, Fendi, Le Smoking, Mulberry, and Versace. For more information on high-end clothing and trends, subscribe to the coveted Fashion Business Daily.


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