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Top 5 Luxury Resorts In Punta Cana, Dominican Republic

by gbaf mag

If you are on the look out for some of the most luxurious and spectacular luxury resorts then you will not be disappointed by any stretch of imagination. A stay at a luxury resort is the ultimate experience in pure luxury. However, if you want to make your dream luxury resort a reality then there are certain things that you need to do and expect before you get what you desire. The top ten most luxurious resorts are:

Jet Caribbean – This is located in the Caribbean and is one of the top 10 luxury resorts on the planet. Jet Caribbean’s resorts are world famous for their excellent hospitality and warm hospitality. The main attraction of this luxury resort is the Vaya Bay beach and its white sand beach. You can expect excellent sea food, live music, casinos, and shopping. You can also have a great time taking part in all the sports offered at the Vaya Bay Beach. All the resorts are located on the beaches and all are comfortable with stunning views of the Caribbean Sea.

Marriott – This is another of the most famous names in the resort and lodging industry and is known for its wonderful views of the Caribbean. It is situated on an island and hence the architecture and facilities cater to guests who prefer a private feel to a crowded environment. Most of the guest houses and villas at the Marriott are upmarket and offer excellent facilities and services.

Sheraton – This is a hotel with an international reputation because it caters to both the rich and the elite. As a member of the prestigious Sheraton Group of resorts, the Sheraton is globally recognized for its high-end services and amenities. This is one of the premier resorts to stay at and hence it attracts guests of the highest order.

Jade Mountain – This is one of the private luxurious resorts to stay in and explore the breathtaking landscape of the Jade Mountain. The Jade Mountain features an eco-dome surrounded by landscaped gardens, which give it an air of mystery. Jade Mountain features a private plunge pool and a lush tropical garden which have trees and plants unique to South-east Asia. The Jade Mountain also features some of the finest restaurants and cuisines in town, which is why it is always a popular choice of locals and tourists. Jade Mountain also features awards such as being one of the best luxury hotels to stay in and I would place it in my top 10 lists.

or winery). Get complimentary VIP perks when booking via virtuoso (e.g.) or winery (e.g.) Amanera offers you an opportunity to enjoy some fine dining and winery tours that will be delightful. You can also get complimentary VIP perks when booking via mantra’s website.

The Jade Palace – This is another luxury resort with an unrivaled beauty that draws visitors from around the world. The Jade Palace features the most exclusive spa in town which will make you feel pampered. There is an infinity edge swimming pool so that you will feel as though you have come back in time. This resort also offers a relaxing sauna and a steam room so you can really get cozy.

Belmond Cap Joluca – This is another great hotel to stay at in Belmond Cap where you can truly relax and take in the beautiful surroundings. You will feel as though you are transported to another world where you can see and hear the sounds of nature. This hotel features an indoor spa which you can benefit from with their aromatherapy program. If you would like to enjoy the peaceful and quiet of the outdoors, you will be able to do so by staying at this gorgeous resort. Be sure to check into all of the available amenities so that you know exactly what you will get for your money.


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