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Top 3 Luxury Resorts You Should Check Out When In Sri Lanka

by gbaf mag

Soneva Fushi is a luxury resort in the Maldives that offers a unique experience. Its eight-star hotel has a relaxed and casual atmosphere. Guests do not have to brave the rain to dine out. The dining room is not the formal, business like style, but is more of a family-style restaurant. It offers award-winning cuisine prepared by world class chefs.

Prices for Soneva Fushi are starting at just over one thousand dollars per person for a couple. It is understood, that many guests do opt to dine at the resorts and pay the full amount for their experience. Dining at the luxury resorts can be done in a particular order, which gives each customer their own taste of elegance. The food can be combined with incredible wine, and the experience is truly amazing.

When I was there, I had the opportunity to dine at a 5 star luxury resort. My dining experience was beyond exceptional. The service was excellent. I had the opportunity to dine at the Le Prince Louis, which is located on the island of Vaitape. It is a five star resort and offers exceptional service and cuisine.

Dressed to dine at the five-star Le Prince Louis resort included a meeting with the chief executive and an award. The restaurant served the best mussels in Vaitape and my palate was thoroughly impressed. My travel writer friend also had a good meal at the twins farms. The ambience of the restaurant was stunning and the portions were generous.

Dining at Vaitape’s Top Bar is an unforgettable experience. If you want to eat at the best restaurants, which are only a few steps away from the twin farms, you must visit Vaitape’s Top Bar. The prices are very reasonable and the food is exquisite. I dined at the all-inclusive Vaitape’s Top Bar and was treated to the best meals, wines, champagne and appetizers during my stay. I was very impressed by the friendly service and the delicious meals.

Four Seasons Resort Vaitape is also located on Vanuatu Island. The resorts are situated on different levels and offer excellent views. The all-inclusive Vaitape is a popular resort with tourists. The all-inclusive resort packages include breakfast, lunch, tea and dinner and prices are reasonable when compared to other resorts on Vanuatu. In my opinion, I would recommend four seasons resort to anyone looking for an all-inclusive luxury holiday package.

The second of my Sri Lankan luxury holiday was at the R.V. The all-inclusive deal that I took also included a spa resort experience. While on my holiday, I experienced the full benefits of Sri Lankan spa resorts. While at the R.V., I took a long hot shower to relax. The steam treatment rejuvenated and revitalized me and left me feeling refreshed and rested.

The third luxury resort on my Sri Lankan holiday was the private island of Isla Palenque. The private island has sandy beaches, clear azure waters, breathtaking views of palm trees and lush tropical gardens. The resort is located on reclaimed peat lands and has beautiful white sand beaches. The luxury accommodation at the private island was excellent with all the modern amenities such as hot running water, sauna facilities, cable TV and internet access.

The fourth luxury resort on my Sri Lankan holiday was the five-star Blue Lagoon. I was taken on a tour around the Blue Lagoon, which is famous as the largest natural bay in the world. It offers clear azure waters, golden sands, clean blue water and the world’s first floating casino. At the Blue Lagoon, visitors can indulge in snorkelling or scuba diving. The award-winning Caribbean luxury resorts at Blue Lagoon have become the most popular luxury beach resorts in the country.

My fifth and final choice for a wonderful Sri Lankan holiday was the five-star Amanera luxury resort. The resort has fantastic views of the coconut plantations in the surrounding atmosphere. The resort was spacious, comfortable, had excellent amenities and delicious gourmet dining. The Amanera is one of the most visited resorts in Sri Lanka by visitors from all over the world. If you get complimentary VIP perks when booking via virtuoso (e.g. early check-in, free hotel shuttle), you’ll be able to visit the Amanera before anybody else does!

If you are looking for a luxury island getaway, the top three Sri Lankan resorts that I recommend are the Blue Lagoon, the Amanera and the Periyar Grand Hotel. The Blue Lagoon is one of the best luxury resorts in the Maldives because of its beautiful blue waters and lush palm trees. The cuisine at this resort is exquisite and the views are stunning. If you want to experience a spectacular, peaceful destination in the Indian Ocean, the Blue Lagoon should be seriously considered.

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