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Rome Luxury Hotels – Top Ten Luxury Hotels in Rome

by gbaf mag

Luxury hotels have always been the pride of tourist destinations. They provide a great way to stay when on holiday. Luxury hotels are the most expensive hotels in town and they also offer the best services to their guests. They cater to the guest’s needs and expectations in style.

There are many types of hotels that suit your budget. You can find you the best luxury hotels around the world by visiting high end specialised luxury accommodation. Whether you’re booking an exclusive luxury hotel in Rome, New York, Milan, Paris or Venice, browse thousands of unique luxury accommodation options. For instance, five star deluxe accommodations offer the best service and features. It comes fully equipped with a full service spa and health centre plus fantastic outdoor living spaces including rain gardens, heated swimming pools, intimate patios and intimate seating areas. Complimentary shuttle services to and from airport transfer service are also available.

Luxury hotels in Rome are renowned for offering some of the best fine dining in the world. Choose from Italian dishes to world famous international cuisine or opt for Italian wine and Italian food. Dining at one of the fine dining luxury hotels in Rome is a feast for the eyes. The amazing restaurant that offers two restaurants, a bar and a lounge, along with a selection of fine dining is open seven days a week and is one of Rome’s most popular attractions. Fine dining at luxury hotels in Rome can be combined with a fascinating museum tour in the Arch of Titus, one of the two stadiums constructed for the Roman Olympics.

Fine dining and luxurious accommodation go hand in Italy and that’s why you’ll find some of the best quality restaurants, cafes and bars in the world at luxury hotels. With wonderful views across the city, you will be spoilt for choice when it comes to where to dine. Some of the best luxury hotels in Rome are the Via Monti, which offers an adventurous dining experience with its terracotta facade and grand corridors. The Via Veneto offers traditional Venetian style rooms which are perfect for romantic breakfasts and honeymoons. Alternatively, you can head to the Parco di Imperia, which has been ranked as the best hotel in Rome with the highest rating for luxury and relaxation.

The Aquatica Resort has fantastic beach access with many water sports available onsite. If you prefer something a little more gentle, then you could try the Staviano Villa San Cassiano, which has beautiful villas nestled among the trees. Rome is full of ancient ruins that are still occupied by local people, and if you visit one of these ruins you will find yourself being taken back in time. For luxury hotels in Rome you will be spoilt for choice, with some of the best and most luxurious resorts around offering spectacular views of the city and the river. These include the Faviana Palace, which were home to Pope Sixtus II and is now converted into a hotel; the Castel Volpi, considered to be the last Roman villa outside the city and is now run as a museum; and the Santa Maria Novella, which was given the title of one of the best places in the world to raise a child.

For luxury hotels in Rome you can head beyond the island, to the capital city of Italy. Rome is an unparalleled city, which is brimming with culture, history and today is a center for fashion, business and government, as well as home to the famous celebrities. Among the top ten best hotels in Rome you will find the famous Hilton, which is known for its stylish and chic boutique hotels nestled among the ancient shops and arches that line the beachfront. Other luxury hotels in Rome include the Fasano, which is situated right next to the Via Monti and is known for its amazing sea views and trendy shops; the Marriott, which are an absolute must visit; the Ritz Carlton, the Turin Palace Hotel and the Sheraton Rome.

Another great luxury hotel that is considered to be among the best luxury hotels in Rome is the Belmond Hotel, which is located near St Mark’s Square and is also right next to the Spanish Steps. It is regarded for its exceptional design that combines the timeless beauty of the Renaissance period with the modern day conveniences and comforts of contemporary times. A great feature of this fine luxury hotels in Rome is the fact that it also features a swimming pool, which is considered to be the finest in the world. You will also not want to miss the restaurants and bars, some of which are open until the early hours of the morning.

Apart from the luxury hotels mentioned above, the other luxury hotels that are amongst my top ten picks are the Hotel Ai Savoia, which are situated close to the Duomo; the Grand Hotel, which is situated near Puertos de Monthio; the Palazzo Reale, which are one of the most fashionable hotels of the modern era; and the Hotel Romagna, which have fine dining, sauna facilities, and conference facilities that have been purposely designed in order to blend the best with the comfort of the Roman style. If you wish to go out of the main center, you can get to the best of these luxury hotels by renting a car or a taxi. There are many good taxi companies in Rome that offer chauffeur services and they can easily take you to all the best attractions and tourist attractions of Rome. You can also go out of the city centre, ride a bicycle, take a walking tour around Rome, and visit all the museums and galleries in Rome without having to worry about the cost as it is almost free during the summer months.

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