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Luxury Living in Chiang Mai, Thailand

by gbaf mag

What is Luxury Living? The Luxury Living Group is an ever-evolving group of individuals who enjoy the finer things in life. The Luxury Living Group houses are the outcome of careful planning: precision, innovation and creativity, all balancing elegance and tradition, always striving for excellence. Luxury Living creates a feeling of exclusive ownership for its members. Luxury Living is not a term used by Luxury Living Group members but rather a lived experience shared amongst a close group of people. The Luxury Living Group offers its members information and recommendations, activities, and events that will enhance their lifestyle, and set them apart from others.

True luxury means different things to different people. For some it is the ability to create a space that exists only in their imagination. For others, true luxury is spending money to make themselves comfortable beyond the reach of affordability. True luxury is about appreciating the simple pleasures of life, while enriching the lives of others. Luxury living can be achieved by living a simple life, creating a balance of abundance within our lives, and sharing those blessings with others.

Expats face many challenges when they leave home and try to re-establish their lives. They have to adapt to their new surroundings and adjust to a new work and family situation. This often leads to feelings of isolation and depression. The need for a place to call their own is often a major consideration when deciding on a lifestyle change and moving to a new country. In a luxury apartment in Dubai, expats have access to world class amenities and services, along with opportunities to participate and contribute in local communities.

Chinese culture places a high importance on family life. Many expats are finding it difficult to balance work and family. Living in luxury apartments in China can help expats to maintain a sense of family and personal responsibility. Chinese living in apartments offer privacy that is difficult to find in many cities. Families can spend quality time together. The close proximity of expats to their families in China also offers a welcome distraction from the constant demands of daily life back home.

Families in China prefer to live in well-planned residential environments that provide them with great space, basic amenities and meaningful activities. One way to arrange such an environment is through the use of private gated communities known as “zong fu” or “zong mai.” These are communities of just over ten thousand residents designed exclusively for expats living in chiang Mai, a city in eastern China. Residents enjoy many of the same facilities found in the most upscale hotels, including swimming pools, spas, gyms, tennis courts, gardens and restaurants. Residents also have access to well-trained staff who are available for help with many concerns, including language translation.

Living quarters are available in two styles: han qipu or flat han qipu. Both styles are fully furnished and provide easy access to everything desired by expats. Both styles have many outdoor and indoor activities and recreational facilities. Both styles are located near or within the city of chiang Mai. The flat han qipu style residence has all of the comforts of home, including kitchens with full stainless steel appliances, washer/dryer and freezers, cable television with satellite TV, and air conditioning (with AC adapter.) The han qipu may be cheaper than a flat, but it is no less comfortable.

There are many private housing options in the form of villas and condominiums that are offered by some real estate agencies. These villas offer luxury living with spacious bathrooms, private pools, and balconies overlooking scenic mountain or ocean views. Some villas come with private gyms and pools as well as the basic amenities that one would find at home, including cooking facilities, dining room, living rooms with attached baths and bedrooms. These villas also offer an assortment of amenities and facilities, such as dog care, laundry facilities, and spas. Most real estate agencies offer a full service selection of villas and condominiums for sale and rent in and around Chiang Mai, which has everything that an expat would need.

Expats who make the decision to move to Chiang Mai will find an exciting and thriving city with excellent living standards and a low cost of living. There are many local attractions, such as the Thais Garden and the Jet Para-lights. Expat communities also offer a good standard of education and healthcare, as well as safe and secure neighborhoods. This is a great choice for those who are looking for a quality life and a future in a safe and secure environment.


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