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by gbaf mag

The great contribution of Italian luxury furniture brands has made Italy a global leader in the field of luxury furniture and has set it as a leading exporter of high-end modern classics which have guaranteed Italy a leading position as Europe’s best for modern furniture. These are the most luxurious and exclusive collections that are exclusively designed and manufactured by some of the most renowned names in the industry. Most of their products are highly sought after by the elite and the royal household and they are also distributed to almost all parts of the world. The most luxurious collections are designed keeping in mind the likes and preferences of the most discerning customers who demand the absolute best.

Italian luxury furniture brands have a long tradition of producing high quality, durable, contemporary and sleek designs. A number of famous designers like Antonio Banderas, Piero Pacini, Massimo Domingo Palladino, Luciano Carafano and Flavio Cacciari have been associated with the brand over the last few decades. The Italian designer, Pacini is best known for creating some of the most distinctive and feminine pieces ever designed. These pieces include sofa sets, recliners, chairs, loveseats, dining tables, bedroom suites, bedroom armoires and other luxury furniture brands.

Another Italian luxury furniture brand that caters to the discriminating customer is Trattoria Parco di Tuscany. It is considered one of the most prestigious brands in the world because of its sophisticated yet simple designs, which are mainly hand crafted using only the highest quality materials. It has become famous for its use of exquisite fabrics, vibrant colours and unique interior designs that go well with the Tuscany home interiors. One can find almost all sorts of textiles used by this brand like Turquoise, Zebra, Calfskin, Satin, Oxfords, Satin Fine and Dyed Leather.

For those who love to hunt down the most original and beautiful pieces of Italian furniture, then Ralliard is the ideal choice. The contemporary and stylish company was established in 1990 by Luisa Lelliard and contains a team of creative and experienced designers and artisans. They specialise in luxury Italian furniture restoration. The company has received many awards for their modern furniture designs that incorporate simplicity and originality. Among the Lelliards’ collections are those made from Venetian plaster or vulcanised glass, which are a must-have in any modern home interior. In addition to being a leading luxury furniture brand, the company also offers other practical and creative home accessories.

Uffizi is an Italian furniture brand that was originally founded in Florence during the 13th century. The name of the brand is derived from the Murano glass tiles that are used to manufacture it. As a result, this Italian brand is well known for its elegant yet functional and stylish design elements. The Uffizi house is named after its great patron, Pope Sixtus IV, who is known to have purchased the first set of glass tiles for the church.

Uffizi is named after its designer, Uffe Mario. Apart from making luxury Italian furniture brands, Uffe Mario also designed many works of art, which are now on display in various art galleries across the world. Among the works of art that he was involved in are the ceiling frescoes of the Sistine Chapel and the ceiling at the Vatican. Uffe Mario’s works were also highly sought after by Florentine families as they considered them to be highly valuable for their unique and beautiful interiors.

Another luxurious Italian brand is Interior Exchange. This brand originated in 1978 with the launch of its ‘Armani Exchange’ collection. It is today one of the most popular luxury brand names in the world. It was named so because of the extensive use of natural fibres in the construction of its products. This fibres came from sheep in the area surrounding the Armani factory, hence the name ‘Armani Exchange’.

House of Dereon is named after the founder Mario Opperman, who is also famous for his innovative designs in contemporary design. The company was founded in 1978 and is run by the ex-chairman of Xerox. In recent years, however, it has been selling non-essential pieces and focusing on luxury furniture. It also has a vast selection of bar stools and outdoor bar chairs that it is able to customize to meet every customer’s individual tastes. It also has an online store that sells modern furniture at affordable prices.

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