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How the Luxury Helicopter Industry Has Transformed Over the Years

by gbaf mag

Luxury helicopters are among the most exclusive forms of transportation available in the world today. Most pilots, mechanics, and passengers traveling on commercial flights would rather opt for these luxurious aircraft rather than an overcrowded or vintage jet plane. When one considers all of the amenities, high speed, and extreme height that are provided by these modern marvels, it is easy to see why they are so much desired. But with so many companies claiming to offer the best in terms of luxury chartering and flying, how can you tell which company is actually the best? To answer this question, you will first need to become familiar with the various types of helicopters available to charter.

The VASCAR (Viper Armoured Helicopter System) is among the top speed record holders. The high-tech, full-motion stealthy VASCAR system provides state-of-the-art surveillance and monitoring capabilities while simultaneously allowing passengers to interact freely. In order to keep pace with this extremely fast form of transportation, many luxury helicopters feature advanced video surveillance systems to monitor both ground and airborne traffic. Other features include cutting-edge navigation systems and radar systems to ensure optimum safety and security for passengers and pilots. The top speed reaches almost Christine island with speeds up to 179mph. While most private helicopters require passengers to only wear earphones, luxury helicopters enable passengers to communicate freely and relax headset free.

Another very popular type of helicopter is the CHEVRON (Chase Everest Helicopter) which is also used by the military. The two-seater Chase Everest has a maximum take-off weight of eighty-three tons and can carry up to one thousand pounds of luggage. One of the most striking features of these luxury helicopters is the swiveling tail rotor that enables passengers to look out from the cockpit and take in the breathtaking scenery from any direction. Even though the CHEVRON maintains a constant altitude, it allows passengers the option of changing altitude by pulling up slightly on the control stick. One of the most notable features of luxury CHEVRON helicopters is that they are able to reach a maximum altitude of thirty-two hundred feet and can fly as high as seven miles above sea level.

Many people often associate executive class luxury helicopters with celebrities and wealthy families. In recent years, many of the most well-known celebrities have been spotted traveling around in a wide array of choppers including the Gulfstream IV and the Learjet 34. These aircraft are operated by highly trained private pilots who use controls similar to those found on airplanes, although many chartering companies offer planes of much higher altitude and flight capabilities.

In addition to private helicopters, most of today’s major airlines also offer flying lessons, complete with aviation training simulators, for the convenience of their passengers. Whether it is a newly qualified pilot or an experienced business professional, most new pilots receive extensive flight training in a flight school. Once aboard an airplane, they are then allowed to start learning how to fly a luxury or business class private helicopter. This experience allows them to gain the skills they need to successfully fly larger, more complex aircraft.

Luxury private helicopters can be used for a variety of purposes, ranging from general transportation to air-borne inspection and recovery. A large company might charter twenty-two passenger aircraft for a single day to inspect and repair aircraft maintenance at a major oil refinery. Or, the same group could charter a helicopter to fly them around to the edge of a natural disaster zone to survey the damage. No matter the purpose, it is important for corporate passengers to keep in contact with the airfield, which is typically designated as the contact point for all private helicopter flights.

Today, most high-end luxury helicopters offer full amenities and a well-stocked bar, complete with real dancing lights. Many luxurious jets even have full room service, valet parking, and security services such as electronic boarding and security. Some luxury helicopters even offer champagne on the menu! In addition, many luxury helicopters will provide a wide range of alcohol and snack choices for customers on board.

One type of luxury helicopter commonly available is the Cheyenne, which seats up to twelve passengers. These high-end planes can also carry up to sixteen crew members, making it easy to transfer from one location to another. These powerful machines are known for their agility and speed. The average age of these machines is thirty-one years old, making them virtually recession proof. In fact, prices for these types of luxury choppers are falling fast enough that one can realistically book one on the market today if they so desire. With interest in traveling the world increasing at an unprecedented pace, it is not surprising that the number of companies operating these state-of-the-art luxury helicopters is also growing.


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