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How Luxury Fashion Brands Is Marketing Their Product Online

by gbaf mag

Giorgio Armani is probably one of the most famous luxury fashion brands in the world. Headed by the young and hip Italian designer Giorgio Armani, the brand is dedicated to bringing the best in high fashion to the people. The company was started in 1985 by Giorgio Armani with the intention of manufacturing and marketing designer clothing. Today, it stands among the top luxury brands all over the world.

Giorgio Armani started the fashion house with his cousin, Pierpaolo Pignolo. Together, they worked out a strategy that would make their clothing more luxurious. Giorgio Armani believed that the way to reach the top of the fashion world was to combine elegance, style and versatility. The brand was born from the merging of these three elements into one. Their first two styles, D&G and C&G, were both meant to be the answers to what kind of fashion should be presented in high end luxury retail stores. By combining these three elements Armani made their clothing even more luxurious and fashionable.

Today, Giorgio Armani has four luxury brands which are distributed all over the world. They have grown by leaps and bounds since their humble beginnings twenty years ago. This is primarily due to Giorgio’s dedication and hard work towards establishing a strong company with a strong reputation in the market. The company has implemented many strategies for developing brand awareness to keep up with the increasing demands of their customers. Below are some of the strategies used by the Giorgio Armani Company to expand their luxury brands:

Internet & Mobile Phone Marketing-The Giorgio Armani Company has made massive use of the internet and mobile phones to expand their brands. They have a dedicated website on the internet and also a dedicated line on mobiles for their luxury brands. All of these strategies have resulted in an amazing increase in their online interest and online popularity. There are many websites on the internet dedicated to reviewing Armani products and they have one of the highest number of online enthusiasts. It is this online interest and online popularity that have helped Giorgio Armani grows as one of the most fashionable and renowned brands all over the world.

Social Media The Giorgio Armani Company has made use of social media to expand their brands. They have a large social network on Facebook and a separate one on Twitter. Both of these social networks have provided the Giorgio Armani Company with a platform through which they can reach out to their target audience and ensure that their brands are advertised to their core demographic. The company’s website has also been promoted via social media and they have used it as a promotional platform for both creating brand awareness and generating revenue.

Ecommerce Giorgio Armani also promotes its luxury goods online through ecommerce sites. Their website has a section where you can find complete information about the different products that the Giorgio Armani Company offers along with images of them. Ecommerce sites are a great way for Giorgio Armani to market their brands and is proving extremely popular amongst their target audience.

Ecommerce Websites The online popularity of these luxury brands has increased their ecommerce website presence massively. This has enabled them to increase their clientele from a small population of affluent consumers to millions of online shoppers. By having a huge clientele who can be targeted using online search engines, the Giorgio Armani Companies is able to reach out to a much broader audience and thus increase their overall brand value. The increase in online interest for their brands has also increased their market penetration and brand value. Ecommerce sites are proving very beneficial for the Giorgio Armani Companies.

Social Media and Blogs – Giorgio Armani and other luxury brands have created their own blogs and websites, which allow them to communicate directly with their consumers. They are also actively involved in various social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. In fact, Giorgio Armani’s company Instagram is one of the most popular pages on Facebook and receives over half a million followers. These luxury brands have a direct and transparent communication with their consumers, which is increasing their overall influence and appeal amongst consumers. Consumers are increasingly using these tools and social media sites to purchase luxury products online and increasing the influence of these brands on the contemporary market landscape.

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