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Finding Luxury Homes and Luxury Retreats

by gbaf mag

San Francisco is the world’s second-most populous city and one of the most valuable international finance centers. It is also home to one of the most prestigious and successful business families in the world. The proximity to the Bay Area and Silicon Valley makes it a natural haven for those who are ready to take the world around in their car or truck. The unique shopping, dining and cultural offerings draw countless visitors each year and millions of global tourists. As a popular destination for business people, San Francisco luxury escapes are among the best value options for travel.

In the heart of the city, there lies the Sutro Tower, a 19-story circular tower with the world’s tallest clock. To its east are the towers of San Francisco Hall of Fame and the Presidio Park, with the Golden Gate Bridge on its western border. Beyond these structures, the city is home to the San Francisco Ferry, a cable car that runs between the West Portal and San Francisco City Hall. If you’re planning a luxury escape to the East Bay, these are some of the other stops you should be making.

BART is one of the best ways to get around the city and it is highly accessible from the airport. It runs throughout the city and links the neighborhoods of San Francisco’s Chinatown, Financial District and South of Market. Although it is often crowded and balky, it has a picturesque skyline and lovely architectural structures. To get a better view of the Bay, the San Francisco Maritime Museum in Emeryville is also an excellent place to visit. Another stop that is worth a look is the Presidio Park, which serves as a national park with a zoo, picnic and museum. Presidio Park offers a wide variety of outdoor activities, like golfing and biking trails.

Almadrobe Springs is a charming area on the beautiful northern slope of the San Mateo Mountains. There are lots of nature preserves and scenic views of the mountains. To make your luxury vacation home even more serene, you can explore the many hiking trails in the area. The best part about Almadrobe Springs is the springs, which provide mountain-cold water, teeming with amphibian wildlife and refreshing mountain air. To get out into nature, you can rent a hot tub, go horseback riding or go for a snorkeling adventure. For a luxurious retreat fit for a queen, some luxury homes in Almadrobe Springs have their own private pools.

To get away from it all, you should check out some of the wineries in Napa, California’s wine country. Sonoma Vineyards and Yountville wine lands are the best places to start tasting wines from the best grape varieties grown in California. You can also check out the local wine shops, which offer extensive wine selections from various wine-producing regions throughout the country. A luxury home in Napa Valley’s wine country can give you the best chance to taste excellent wines.

For a true escape from urban life, San Francisco’s SOMA is an ideal place to experience urban sprawl all over again. This luxury home in the city is one of the best luxury escapes in California. It offers great urban sprawl with high-rise buildings and chock full of technology. A luxury home in the city can give you a taste of the hip hop culture of the West Coast without ever leaving your luxury apartment. You can even enjoy the many microbreweries dotting the neighborhood.

The Pacific Ocean can be found just north of San Francisco. If you are craving the serenity and tranquility of being on the beach, then you should check out the coastal homes in Santa Cruz. Unlike other luxury retreats and homes in the area, these luxury homes are spacious, beautifully decorated and perfectly landscaped. You can take long walks along the beach with your significant other, admiring the waves crashing onto the shore. The architecture of these Pacific Ocean homes is luxurious, and they are designed around outdoor amenities such as swimming pools and tennis courts. They offer lots of room to spread out and enjoy yourself to the fullest.

Hawaii is another hot spot that is perfect for luxury homes in California. This scenic paradise offers plenty of activities for couples to do together. One of the most popular activities is hiking, so you and your loved one can spend time experiencing the wonders of this scenic location. Many luxury homes in California are set far apart from the chain hotels, and you can enjoy a quiet, private vacation right on your back porch. These luxury homes in Hawaii are a great escape for couples who love nature and the open air.


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