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Fashionable Fashions for Work Uniforms

by gbaf mag

Whether you are just starting out in business or are looking to bring in an increased paycheck, a good business professional image is important for success. There is no escaping the fact that you are going to have to put on a business suit at some point in your career, whether it is to shake hands with potential clients or to meet with an executive. However, there are some key pieces of business attire that are important to look good and feel professional when working, and there are many different options available that can make your business attire even more professional looking. Below is a list of top business professional looks:

Smart Casual Business professionals often dress more casually than a business suit (although some workplaces may allow business casual attire, which would work well with heels and a blouse). Smart casual clothing often includes t-shirts with comfortable comfort and fit, loose-fit khakis or slacks, and dress shoes (dry or polished). The key to dressing smartly for a smart casual workplace is to pair it with appropriate shoes. While you want to make sure your shoes show your professionalism, avoid going too casual or wearing shoes that will make you sweat or socks exposed. For highly successful business professionals, a great pair of dress shoes is a must. Here are some smart-casual business professional shoes picks to choose from:

Designer Workwear A designer dress or designer business suit is always a great choice for a smart, professional look. The best suits are those that feel comfortable and can be paired with a variety of neckties and shoes. In terms of work environments, a great pair of designer work trousers worn with a business jacket and trousers are considered business casual. Here are some key pieces of work environment-friendly designer workwear to choose from:

Formal Business Dress The business professional who is responsible for attending client meetings, conducting business meetings, and more should always dress in a conservative manner. A business professional should never wear very casual clothing or flip-flops when he or she is meeting with a client. A business professional should always wear a jacket and tie with dress pants or slacks with dress shoes. Formal attire is always more conservative than business casual dress code. Formal business attire is also appropriate for more formal occasions such as a board meeting or corporate awards nights. Here are some smart-casual business professional dress code pieces to choose from:

Professional Business Dress The primary goal of business casual attire is to look professional while still having fun. The lines of dress tend to be narrower than formal business attire. In business casual attire, the line of clothes should extend from the top of the pants to the shoes. Remember, shorter is not always better. For example, if a business professional is wearing a sports jersey, the length of the jersey doesn’t need to be shorter than the time he or she wears jeans.

Professional Business Dress Shoes The primary purpose of business shoes is to keep the feet comfortable and the leg invisible when a professional is in a meeting or attending a conference. It’s important to select professional shoes that go with an outfit without making the outfit look too business like. In other words, go to a high-heeled shoe store and try on a wide variety of professional shoes to find the best fit and style. In addition, make sure the shoes you choose are fashionable but not boring.

High Heels While a business professional may be in a business professional work environment with high heels, the heels have to be well-placed to be comfortable. The general rule is that the heel of the shoes should not be more than one inch in length. Keep in mind that when wearing high heels, you may put stress on your back, which could lead to back pain or a strain. Additionally, the weight of the high heels may cause the bottom part of your shoes to slip. It’s always smart to check with the manager of your work setting to see what the acceptable dress code is for the business professional work environment you will be visiting.

Nautical Party Outfits When visiting a beach or other outdoor location, it’s important to wear clothing appropriate for the weather. One type of weather is that of the ocean, and it’s very important to dress accordingly. Most business professional outfits are usually made of a cotton or linen material, so you may want to consider a pair of nautical party shoes or sandals as part of your ensemble. For a fun look, pair your nautical shoes with a light colored tank top.


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