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Explore the Charm of Caribbean Resorts and Luxury Hotels

by gbaf mag

In comparison to other places around the world, two people will find it easier to afford luxury holidays. For one, we have a lower exchange rate, which translates to cheaper airfare, accommodation and meals. However, there is another perk. We can plan our travel plans with care since the current exchange rate between the US and the UK is very favorable. In other words, if you exchange dollars for GBP, you can literally have two British pounds.

London is one of the most popular luxury destinations in the world. It has historical attractions, spectacular buildings and fine dining at reasonable prices. Whether you are an individual seeking the excitement of nightclubs or want to attend high-class events, London can deliver a wealth of experience with its wide array of nightlife options. The two most popular destinations in London that appeal most to travelers are Hyde Park and Clapham High Street.

Hyde Park in particular has hosted some of the best parties and film fests in the world. It is the site of the Royal Horticulture Gardens, where one can witness the finest flowers in the world. When booking tickets for Hyde Park, ensure that you are taking a day trip so as to avoid the crowds. If you are planning a stay at the hotel where the gardens are located, be sure to opt for rooms that are secluded and have a private pool. There is no need to pay extortionate rates for such amenities since they are included in your ticket price.

New York City has long been considered one of the most popular luxury destinations around the world. Its pristine beaches, museums, concerts, theater and restaurants are undeniable reasons for visiting this destination. The price tag on tickets to this exotic destination can get pretty high, but the allure of the Big Apple cannot be underestimated. Spending a couple of days at the best resorts in New York City will definitely leave you spoiled, especially after imbibing in a number of world-class experiences in the Big Apple. You can enjoy fine dining in the best restaurants and top the notch museums in the Big Apple, while taking in the myriad other attractions in the Big Apple.

If you have always dreamed of having a quiet and luxurious vacation, consider booking tickets to places like St. Lucia and Jamaica. These Caribbean luxury destinations are ideal for couples and honeymoons and are also perfect for newlyweds on their wedding anniversary. The Caribbean islands in particular have vast and unspoiled beaches that are dotted with idyllic resorts, hotels with pools. The water, sun and sand are such a magnet for celebrities that they often spend their entire honeymoon in a private island.

For those who want an exclusive vacation, there are also luxury destinations in Mexico and the Dominican Republic. These two destinations offer a glimpse into the undiscovered corners of Mexico and the rich culture of the Dominican Republic. While staying in one of the many luxurious hotels, one can explore the history, culture and cuisine of these two countries. In addition to staying in a private hotel, couples can also explore the local markets in Mexico City and Santa Fe. You can also sample the Mexican cuisine and shop at the chic malls in Mexico City and Santo Domingo, which are only a stones throw away from most luxury hotels.

The list of luxury destinations in the Caribbean is not exhaustive, as there are a variety of unique experiences in the region. But it does offer a good idea of the incredible experiences that can be had in some of the most fabulous resorts and hotels here. A little planning beforehand can help you avoid being disappointed by your chosen destination.

Before you choose a Caribbean destination for your next vacation, do your research. Visit the online websites of luxury destinations and travel specialists in the region. Look for information on resorts and hotels, as well as the top dining and shopping areas in the area. It is also a good idea to make a list of the must-see sites and attractions before you leave on your trip. Once you have planned your trip and selected your destination, you will be able to relax, enjoy yourself and truly feel the Caribbean spirit.


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