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A Vacation – Enjoy the Island in Style

by gbaf mag

A vacation is an ideal getaway for travelers to this island paradise, which is bordered by the Indian Ocean on the north and east. Maldives, officially the republic of Maldives, lies in the Indian Ocean south of India and west of Sri Lanka, about 700 miles from the western tip of India. If you enjoy ocean-going or sailing activities then a Maldivian holiday may be right for you.

A Maldivian holiday involves enjoying the islands and its surrounding waters, taking in the beaches, snorkeling, windsurfing and much more. You will find beautiful white sand beaches surrounded by turquoise blue water. There are numerous islands here with their own unique culture, including Grand Mole Island, Kuda Selwa Island and Nusa Dua Island. You can also enjoy a walk along the coconut lined promenade on the island of Banda. At night there is no better way to enjoy the night sky than with a moonlight cruise.

Maldives has a wide variety of water sports available for you to participate in. Windsurfing and sailing are two of the most popular, but there are also a few other water sports you can participate in. Snorkeling is also popular in the islands. Other activities include parasailing, jet skiing, banana riding and snorkeling in coral reefs.

You can find many attractions here, including a number of museums that are world class. These include the Museum of Islamic Arts and Culture, the Museum of Marine Biology, the Museum of Historical Remains, the International Maritime Museum, the National Maritime Museum, the Natural Heritage Museum and the Maldives Islands’ Museum. The capital of Male, Dhaivo Oropesa, offers a variety of beautiful restaurants and cafes as well as entertainment venues.

A vacation can also involve some shopping. There are numerous shopping options here for those interested in traditional crafts and the latest fashions. You will also find that many merchants offer honeymoon packages where you can enjoy shopping at a variety of local markets.

When you are planning a vacation, you can expect to travel by air, train or sea. Air tours are more common, although people often prefer the sea in these remote locations because of the greater range of destinations you can visit. In the case of a boat trip, you will probably enjoy sailing between islands. You can even fly here to get around and explore the beaches, but this may be very expensive.

There are a number of choices for accommodations in the islands; some of which are very good. Most hotels are budget friendly. Most people choose to stay at resorts, especially if they want to have all of their activities included in their package, like snorkeling and sailing, with their Maldivian holidays. These include private villas, guest houses, apartments and resorts that include rooms with private bathrooms. These are usually well equipped with air conditioning and cable television.

Maldives also features plenty of activities for children, and you can spend hours doing crafts together. There are a number of sailing clubs for children. All of this is offered free with your Maldivian vacation package. This is why it’s important to do your research to find out what activities are included in any package you are considering.

Many people choose to rent a vacation home in the Maldives. These houses offer all the comforts of home while allowing you to see the island without any worries of being there all day. If you plan to rent a house or vacation villa, be sure to check to see if they are on a private island or one in the middle of the lagoon, or have a private lagoon.

If you decide to fly to the Maldives, it is important to make reservations early so that you can arrive in plenty of time. To save money, many companies will allow you to book online ahead of time and pay for your flight, as well. These are popular for vacationers who need to save money on flights.

Planning a vacation in the Maldives can be an amazing experience, one that will surely be enjoyed by every member of your family. It is possible to enjoy all the things that make a holiday truly memorable.


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