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5 Ways Luxury Destinations Tells Us About Romantic Traveling

by gbaf mag

Planning your Luxury Destination Wedding can be a very exciting and stressful time. But once the big day arrives, you’ll be glad you took the time. You’ll also be pleased that you chose to plan your wedding in Miami or Orlando, Florida. Why? Because planning a wedding is like running a business. Luxury Destination Wedding’s Weddings are a central to the planning process; without the stress of location, your wedding planning is simple and stress free!

Ask your local travel agent… Ask your travel agent for a list of luxury destinations. As well as current exchange rate rates and Popular Destinations List (see below). Add a few extra destinations, you may want to visit… Load up your laptops with photos, check prices, and check rates & load your bags! As you’re doing this, note current exchange rate of your desired destination.

Current Exchange Rate – Most of US is not strong dollar zone. So when comparing between two destinations, look at current exchange rate of US dollars against the British pound. This can give you an idea of what currency to exchange to get your luxury destination ticket.

A Luxury Travel Destination Club – Find inspiration… Find a luxury travel destination club that best suites your interests. There are many such vacation clubs available online. As well as current exchange rate among major currencies, Luxury Travel Destination clubs offer a variety of destinations, activities, and amenities to fit your family’s vacation needs. Look for one with activities like “study abroad” or “work abroad”. As well as “tea” lounges, spas, golf courses, beach resorts, and swimming pools to relax and rejuvenate!

Vacations – Take advantage of “vacation packages” offered by a luxury destination club to have the best vacations ever. Enjoy flexible schedules, luxurious accommodations, and group rate deals. You’d be surprised how much money can be saved if you decide to book your own private residence club vacation packages rather than going on scheduled vacations.

Private Residences – If you’re thinking of a different vacation option, think about luxury vacation homes. They provide all the luxuries of vacation homes, but in much more spacious environments. These residences are available as second homes, first homes, rental homes, and ownership in “residentships”. Think of these properties as condos in an existing neighborhood. In some cases, private equity companies will finance these residences so you won’t ever have to pay rent.

Business Seats – Instead of business trips, why not consider business seat vacations? A lot of business locations are located in desirable tourist destinations. Why not locate a business seat in a location that has two people or a couple who love to travel? These seats would make a great vacation getaway for your spouse or business partner. You could take advantage of favorable exchange rate rates for this type of seat.

Business trips might be the most common reason people choose to go on vacations, but they’re certainly not the only reasons people choose to go on these trips. For families and couples alike, there are many reasons to take a luxury destination club vacation. From business trips to honeymoon trips, you’ll discover that there are many luxury destinations to suit any type of trip you might need to plan. Whether you’re planning a week-long business retreat or a romantic honeymoon, the exotic locations and luxurious accommodations offered by these clubs will make sure you have an experience to remember.

Luxury Destination Wedding – With all the planning involved in planning a wedding, it’s no wonder many couples turn to the luxury destinations offered by concierge services. When you plan a wedding, you want everything to be perfect. Couples will spend months planning the flowers, the food, and the location of the ceremony. With all of this stressful planning, they’re often left to wonder if they made the right decisions about their locations. When you choose one of the exotic destinations offered by a luxury destination club, you can relax and enjoy the process instead of constantly wondering if you made the right choice.

Luxury Residences & Vacations – While most brides and grooms are interested in honeymoon locations that are private and secluded, couples also desire other romantic accommodations. If your ideal honeymoon involves two days at a spectacular spa resort, you might want to think about staying in some of the other upscale residences located in select luxury destinations. Residences in exotic locales such as the Maldives offer couples the ultimate in privacy and tranquility, while at the same time experiencing the sights, sounds, and tastes of another culture.

All in all, luxury destination weddings tell us that you can have an equally amazing reception and ceremony in the same location. By booking a stay at a luxury resort or residence, you can create the perfect place for your special day. Instead of focusing on the actual beauty of the location, you can focus on the enjoyment you can both derive from being there together. Whether you’re planning your first wedding or your fiftieth, staying at one of these elegant establishments will leave you feeling rejuvenated and ready for more.


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