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5 Luxury Gifts Perfect For Him This Holiday Season

by gbaf mag

Birthdays and special events are great times to show someone how much you care with luxury gifts. From designer jewelry to high-class coffee machines to an electric ice machine, there’s something for everybody on this list of top 100 most liked luxury gifts. To make your birthday gift extra special, try combining a few ideas. For example, a personalized coffee grinder would be a grand gift idea for your parents. However, if you know their favorite beverage when it comes out, you could also purchase the coffee maker in advance and have it shipped to your parent’s home or office.

Birthdays are great days to give gifts to friends and family members, but what about high-end items? Whether you’re shopping for a birthday present for a loved one, or looking for an awesome way to treat yourself, high-end is always the right choice. Here are the top five best luxury gifts:

Designer wallet. It doesn’t matter if the gift is for yourself or for a close friend, a high-quality wallet can provide a lot of function. In fact, it’s actually recommended that you get at least two, especially if you have a collection of high-end luxury gifts like an espresso mug or French Press. Because of its durability and styling options, you can give any gift recipient a high-quality wallet made from leather, silver or stainless steel.

Apple Watch. If you’re going to give a gift that can be used every day (or night), an apple watch makes the best luxury gifts. With a durable round face and an interchangeable band, you can wear it with any outfit, from jeans to a dress to a fancy dinner. The great part is that you can find such watches at reasonable prices, so it’s easy to upgrade a regular watch to something more unique and special. For men, who want to wow their significant other with something different and a little more useful, an apple watch might be a perfect gift for the occasion.

High-enders. High-end items don’t have to come in plain packaging. For this type of luxury gift, choose a premium wallet, watch or bottle opener, which can be dressed up with a unique strap or chain. And because these products are usually long-lasting, every morning afterwords, they’ll still look great when you’re out on the town.

Luxury sunglasses. Nothing beats the feeling of having the perfect outfit on a sunny day, when you know you’re looking great in your shades. A pair of designer sunglasses is the best gifts for men, because they say ‘I’m awesome’ on the face at every opportunity. So pick a funky pair of shades for the guy in your life today.

Montblanc Pen. Need a great gift idea? Present him with a Montblanc Pen. This is one luxury item that will be sure to bring a smile to his face. Each Montblanc pen is made with meticulous detail and is embellished with meticulous engraving. Every single Montblanc pen is hand-made, so you’re guaranteed quality – and the thoughtfulness of the designer behind each pen.

Premium Leather. If your man absolutely adores fine Italian food, then he’ll love to receive a Montblanc Premium Leather Travel Journal. This luxury diary is a must-have for any serious man who enjoys reading. Each journal features full, leather-bound pages that are perfectly lined and embellished with beautiful, tiny, fully-engraved, silver fox prints, as well as a calendar for the current date and upcoming dates.

Apple Watch. Do you know a guy who loves to go on golf trips, but has no desire to purchase a new golf cart or gps system? A gift from Giorgio Armani, like an apple watch powered by the luxurious Suede Cell technology from Giorgio Armani, will allow him to have both at once.

Water bottle. If your guy is a real water bottle aficionado, and enjoys sipping on cold water whenever possible, then you might want to present him with the Hugo Boss Water Bottle. This water bottle is sure to please even the most fussy of wine lovers. Made with natural spring water collected from the nearby Bakery Naturals, it’s the perfect gift for a friend, colleague, or loved one. It comes equipped with a twist-top cap, a built-in straw, and an insulated bottle.

Polo Shirt. Are your significant other or your friends and family members really into the sport of polo? If they are, then they’ll love the unique luxury polo shirt that you can give them as a gift, complete with a hand-cuffed polo coat that’s in the same shape as their favorite brand of polo.


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